Sunday, 4 November 2012

The Raspberry Jam Post

Personally I was never overly fond of Raspberry Jam.
Until that is I tried the Raspberry Jam made by the young mother who lives in the village.
I loved the young mother's Raspberry Jam.
But the young mother doesn't want to make anymore Raspberry Jam
something to do with Food & Hygiene, labeling and %'s.

There's a lady from town who makes Raspberry Jam, labeled with %'s.
She makes it to sell in the farm shop
I'm not overly fond of the town lady's Raspberry Jam
and the young mother doesn't make Raspberry Jam anymore...


  1. Won't the young mother let you have a jar 'under the counter' as it were? She surely must still make it for personal consumption. I'd let you have a jar of my raspberry and redcurrant but maybe it isn't as good as the young mother's.

  2. Actually I fully intend to bribe the young mother with a bucket of raspberries.