Monday, 5 November 2012

Guy Fawkes, The Gun Powder Plot and Bonfire Night - 10 Things

  1. The Gunpowder Treason Plot of 1605 was an assassination attempt against King James I of England and VI of Scotland by a group of Catholics who were unhappy at the treatment of Catholics in England.
  2. There were 13 conspirators in the Gunpowder Plot: Robert Catesby, Thomas Wintour, Jack Wright,Thomas Percy, Guy Fawkes, Robert Wintour, Christopher (Kit) Wright, Robert Keyes, Thomas Bates, John Grant, Ambrose Rookwood, Francis Tresham, and Everard Digby.
  3.  They hid 36 barrels of gunpowder in the cellars under The House of Lords, planning to blow up The Houses of Parliament, King James, The Prince of Wales and Members of Parliament.
  4.  One of the conspirators decided to warn a friend against going to The Houses of Parliament on the day of the planned explosion, 5th November 1605. An anonymous letter was sent to Lord Monteagle who passed it on to the authorities.
  5. Guy Fawkes was the conspirator who was supposed to ignite the gunpowder but due to the anonymous letter sent to Lord Monteagle the cellars were searched and Guy was arrested.
  6.  Word soon got out about the foiled plan to kill the king and bonfires were lit to celebrate the safety of the King. 
  7. Guy Fawkes who gave his name as John Johnson was interrogated and tortured  for 2 days before he finally gave in and told the authorities about the other conspirators. He told the authorities that his intention had been "to blow you Scotch beggars back to your native mountains."
  8.  Robert Catesby  Rookwood, the Wright brothers, Percy and John Grant died in a siege at Holbeche House  on 8th November.
  9.  Francis Tresham died in prison while awaiting trial, the other 8 conspirators including Guy Fawkes were sent to trail and sentenced to be hanged drawn and quartered.
  10. The Gunpowder Plot is commemorated in England on 5th November with firework displays and bonfire parties.


  1. In the Harry Potter books Dumbledore's phoenix is called Fawkes. Now I think about it one of the bad guys is called Rookwood.

  2. You're right Sue I wonder if J K chose the names from the Gunpowder Plot.