Friday, 21 December 2012

Friday Vintage - Vintage Fairies

 A selection of vintage and vintage inspired fairies anyone of which I'd be happy to see on my Christmas Tree.

Starting with Betty and Violet 's exquisitely handmade clay fairy doll dressed in antique and vintage textiles, trims and beads with a beaded tiara for her hair and glass beaded wings. From £60 Betty and Violet

 Vintage 1950's fairy from Lucy Bloom

 Sam McKechnie fairy made from papier maché and antique French linen filled with lavender. Each fairy is hand-painted and dressed in vintage fabric ballgowns and adorned with antique and vintage flowers.£128 from The Magpie and the Wardrobe

Angel Hughes fairy, each year the Tobias and the Angel team make between 18 and 20 fairies using antique lace, silks, ribbons, beads, sequins and bows. You can move their arms and legs and they have a wand, a necklace and very good knickers! approx. 8 inches / 20,3 cm from £ 245 each Tobias and the Angel

Which would you choose?

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