Monday, 4 March 2013

Red Nose Day Dolls - Mac goes camping

Mac goes camping in his sitting room...for COMIC RELIEF :-)
A group of v. talented people have been working on Red Nose Day Dolls to auction for Comic Relief:

"Mac is just one of the hand made RED NOSE DAY DOLLS created to be auctioned on Ebay, by Ros Badger and Emma Mitchell for Comic Relief 2013. In this unique collaborative craft project, Mac, and his 3 girl doll friends, are fabulously dressed, by a group (20+) of designer/makers asked to create their own pieces for the dolls. They are indeed bedecked, bejewelled and accessorized from head to toe, pets included. Karen Boatwright  is just one of the makers involved...  loved making this little film etc to support a truly enchanting project for a truly great cause.
PLEASE help support Comic Relief by bidding for one of the Red Nose Day Dolls...auctions start on 7th March!!!

Karen Boatwright

Follow the Red Nose Day Dolls on:
Twitter @rednosedaydolls

You can also follow on Twitter, Karen @handihead, Ros at @rosbadger, Emma at @silverpebble2, Emma H (Salty) @SewRecycled"
 Source:  YouTube

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